"A WB7AEI Design"

Thanks again Phil!

March 2005

By Bill Linn, W7WEL

Must be about five years ago now, when I first QSOd with WB7AEI with my newly built TT2.Phil offered to share a design of his for a Direct Conversion receiver so I could build a companion receiver for my TT2

After acquiring parts and building it, I decided to build another. This time I'd include a modified TT2 transmitter to sit along side in a single enclosure. The two were tied together only with a muting circuit. Worked like a charm.

Yesterday, I got to thinking about the upcoming OzarkCon and the building contest. Why not build another DC receiver to enter?

So yesterday, I turned on the soldering Iron and today I'm sitting here listening some guy in Conrad, TX QSOing with W1AW. Rock steady! There's still some MAGIC floating around!

Here's a picture story of this build.